I-Blink, For the effective integration of your document management software with your other management applications

Have you chosen one of our electronic document management solutions (Logimage or Windoc) and want to integrate it with the other management applications that you’re already using? I-Blink is the perfect solution. Very easy to master, this module effectively lets you create a link between our document management software and your current management software in order to let your users instantly access the various documents and folders that they need directly from the management software that you’re already using. No modification or programming is necessary.

Main features:

  • Simple operation thanks to a preconfigured key that allows for the contextual analysis of your session in order to identify the folder you are dealing with in order to show you the relevant existing documents in the document management system.
  • Compatible with all types of applications: ERP, CRM, BMS, accounting software, internal software, management apps, etc.
  • Quick access to all available documents, classified using the pre-existing applications.
  • Ability to add new documents, index them, and sort them into the appropriate folders directly from your management software. All document types are supported: electronic documents, scanned images, emails, COLD, etc.
  • Available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish


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