THE business process automation software in a collaborative environment

Designed to help companies model their business processes, LogiPAC is a business process management (BPM) software in collaborative mode. For each defined process, this software solution provides each participant with all the information relating to the tasks to be carried out. Processing time is thus reduced to a minimum, as are the risks of errors and omissions.

Main features:

  • A simple and intuitive interface that easily lets you model processes (workflow) internally. Anyone with a solid understanding of the company’s operations can therefore – without any prior programming knowledge – map out the processes by identifying the various activities that make them up as well as the rules to be followed.
  • Quick and easy customization of each activity lets you define different options in order to adjust different smart features for better automation and process optimization.
  • Assignment of the tasks to be performed by the various participants at each stage of the process, thanks to an automation engine.
  • A detailed history of the actions performed by each participant in the process: business sector, activity name, participant ID, date, time and duration, attached and/or modified documents, etc.
  • A dashboard as well as complete statistics that allow administrators to have a detailed overview of the processing performed by each participant as well as the duration, the status of each transaction, the activities where there is congestion, etc.
  • An intervention management module with a tool that allows for transfers of tasks and responsibilities due to the replacement of participants during absences for different reasons (illnesses, departures, transfers, vacations).
  • An automated tool for creating instances of process transactions using a recognition template (form recognition, OCR, barcode, extraction, etc.) from the requests received in email attachments.
  • A feature ensuring complete traceability for all processing activities for each transaction.
  • Available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.


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