WebDoc, The mobility solution

Specifically designed to offer maximum mobility to users of electronic document management software (Windoc and Logimage) and business process management software (LogiPAC), WebDoc is a smart reference tool that offers you the ability to access your documents online or directly on your various mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Main features:

  • Document accessibility. With WebDoc, you can consult all your documents that have been classified in Windoc or Logimage by connecting to the web on a computer or directly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Add additional documents. If you’re using WebDoc on a computer, you can add documents to your EDM classification software by connecting a scanner to it. The operation is completely intuitive. From a mobile device, the software can use the camera to capture images of documents and transfer them to the classification system. It’s also possible to use a mobile scanner with an Android phone with the help of our WeScan module.
  • Action history and tracking. For LogiPAC users, WebDoc provides quick access to the complete history of all actions related to each business process in progress or already completed.


A feature that allows users to request the intervention of other colleagues to perform certain tasks, directly from their mobile devices, is also in the process of being integrated into the system.

WebDoc is available in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.

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