Document management

A strategic business tool

Document management involves effectively organizing and systematically monitoring all the documents and data that a company needs within the context of its activities. Unfortunately, in far too many businesses, documents essential to the proper functioning of the company (business proposals, contracts, reports, agreements, etc.) aren’t organized like they should be and are therefore not easily accessible for effective use, which can have a significant impact on an organization’s performance.

Document management provides an effective solution to this problem by implementing appropriate systems and processes for the acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, and even the destruction (if necessary) of these documents. Responding to the new requirements imposed by computerization and new technologies, this management now takes the form of computerized systems that can organize and manage documents and information within the company. We’re therefore talking about Electronic Document Management or EDM, an acronym also used to refer to application solutions developed for this purpose.

Today, EDM lets businesses improve their productivity by:

  • reducing expenses related to the use of paper, particularly through mass digitization;
  • permitting significant time savings, thanks to automatic classification processes and search engines integrated into the proposed solutions;
  • optimizing space within the company;
  • and facilitating the communication and rapid transmission of documents between colleagues, as well as between the company and its partners.

It’s therefore an essential strategic tool that increases the profitability of existing businesses.

Procol: nearly 30 years of experience in document management

Boasting many years of experience in developing electronic document management solutions, Procol now offers businesses efficient, multifunctional, and scalable systems. Our Electronic Document Management systems look after the processing of both images and characters, letting you automate the scanning, classification, archiving, and sharing of all document types and formats used by your company. Flexible and intuitive, they also incorporate numerous features in order to respond effectively to potential changes in the needs of your organization.

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