Logimage, Your electronic document and archive management system for Windows

Versatile, efficient, and very ergonomic, Logimage is a document classification software that allows companies to improve their productivity and overall performance through fluid and optimized document management. Classification, tracking, accessibility, and safeguarding are guaranteed, even for high volumes of documents.

Organization and structural management: Logimage manages tree structures for the classification, location, and archiving of documents. In addition, the software allows you to define storage rules with the help of a retention schedule.

The software also lets you automate classification via optical character recognition (OCR) and 1D and 2D barcodes. Conversion and decommissioning can also be carried out systematically, according to predefined rules.

Access and editing: With Logimage, scanned documents are available at any time and can be edited without modifying their original contents according to the needs of their users. In particular, it’s possible to hide confidential sections, highlight passages, attach notes, or even create tabs (both private and public) for future reference and quick access.

Compatibility: Logimage looks after the management of over 2 billion documents in all formats: electronic documents (emails, Excel files, Word, PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, CAD, etc.); scanned documents, and COLD documents (computer output indexing and classification). The software also ensures the indexing of documents not transferred on computerized media, whether on paper, CD-ROM, video, or in the form of books or catalogues.

Securing access: Logimage lets you manage and control access to documents by setting permissions suited to the structure of your company. You can thus create a password and a user ID, and control and limit access to certain branches of the file classification tree structure. Depending on the definition of each user’s profile, it’s also possible to monitor every action that it’s possible to perform with the software.

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