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At Procol, we know that the market is constantly evolving. This implies an evolution in the requirements of our clients, who want to improve their performance and remain competitive. To assist you effectively, we therefore don’t limit ourselves to offering you solutions that only meet an immediate need. We also offer you practical, scalable solutions that can adapt to changes related to your business environment or to new internal needs.

Within this context, we now offer several optional supplementary modules:

I-Scan: This is a tool for scanning documents from dedicated or multifunctional devices, on the web, a server, a local network, an extended network, or on thin client with Citrix or TSE. In short, it’s a fast, simple solution for easily scanning documents from any location and incorporating them within your electronic document management software.

I-Index: With this tool, automate the classification of documents that integrate 1D or 2D barcodes.

I-Class: This is the ideal module for automating the classification of your documents. First of all, our document recognition module identifies the document type. After that, once the document has been recognized, we know where the fields are for the classification index, and, with our optical character recognition (OCR) module, we can extract the information relevant for classification.

LDAP identification: Connected to the LDAP software, it provides information about the credentials (login and password) that allow users to be connected.

I-COLD : Practical and effective, I-COLD is a tool that takes care of the automatic indexing of documents produced internally and produced directly on the company’s computers (COLD: Computer Output Document).

ConnectPAC — WEB Service : With this module, LogiPAC users can access various external databases and other applications in order to exchange information or request specific processing

PlaniPAC : This module lets you schedule the execution of specific tasks at precise moments or intervals. It is primarily used to calculate processing times in order to identify the activities that have failed to respect these processing times. In another context, it is also used to launch – at predetermined intervals – a task that will read incoming emails in order to analyze their requests and automatically create transactions that will be directed to the right process.

But these are just a few of our optional modules. Many others are regularly developed in order to meet our clients’ highest demands.

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